Spore project


paper, spore, glass


When you see a mushroom outside, most of the time you can’t see the spore of the mushroom. The mushroom is releasing the spore into the environment through wind and rain. By making a spore print on paper or glass, something invisible becomes visible. Every print is like a fingerprint, unique and with lot’s of details.


By studying the spore print you can identify the mushroom. In the images you’ll see spore prints of the Fly Agaric, Pearlamanit, Parasol mushroom, Scurfy Deceiver and the Meadow mushroom.




Papiermaché, acrylpaint, egg-tempera, pigments, wool

Diameter 68cm H:45cm


I was inspired by the gills of the Russula mushroom when I made this work of papiermaché. The gills are the fine lines underneath the cap of the mushroom. It something that is not immeaditely visible, you have to take a closer look at it. Because of the detailed lines your eyes really get drawn to the middle of the shape. It has a big attractive force.