Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2018 at the St. Joost Academy in Breda

Currently working @ Het Werkgebouw in Maastricht (NL). This is a great place with a lot of creative people, working in different disciplines. 

Specifically the forest is a big inspiration in my work. The forest experiences a continuous transformation in shapes and colors. Every hike gives a new experience in atmosphere. There’s always something new to discover. The forest makes me feel like an intruder, as if everything is in a frozen suspense and waits until I leave again. Rows of tree trunks who show themselves but conceal as well. It is a place where things are hidden, where furtively and determinedly everything keeps expanding. Mildews who permeate and take over a dead trunk, ivy embracing a tree. I use these ever-changing and transforming shapes in my art daily.

Upcoming exhibition:

11 t/m 13 maart 2022  Leven-de Natuur 

Duo exhibition with Sarah van Rossem

Collaboration with CNME

Location: Brandweerkantine Maastricht



2020             Wanderer . Atelier Anders . Schaijk

2019             Door de spiegel . K26 . Oss

2019             If sky enters, If light, If water, If dirt, If fabric touches 

                      Masterapprentice project Kunstpodium T . TAC Eindhoven

2019             The New Generation . Frame.De.Galerie . Amersfoort

2018             Kunstbeurs Nulllll . Amersfoort

2018             C-section . Launch . A.K.V. st. Joost Breda

2018             Live Action Contraction . Performance Bar . Rotterdam

2018             Floyd Firestone & the ultrasonic gang from the other side 

                      De Fabriek . Eindhoven

2017             In blijde verwachting . A.K.V. St. Joost Breda

2017             Groepsexpositie . Galerie Martin Copier . Werkendam

2016             Vieze vloer . A.K.V. St. Joost Breda